Kait Quinn Releases Debut Poetry Book, A Time for Winter

Available now on Amazon

My debut poetry collection, A Time for Winter, is now available on Amazon!

One of my greatest life goals has been to publish a poetry book. It wasn’t until I seriously started thinking about publishing one that I saw a theme unfold in my poetry, a story that I could envision as a full collection. It was as if I’d been writing this book for years without even realizing it. After spending a year of writing new poems and editing old ones, organizing, designing, and proofreading, I’m thrilled to finally share my book with the world and only slightly scared of how vulnerable I feel sharing my darkest, most secret thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

Published under my pen name, Kait Quinn, A Time for Winter is a journey through the hard seasons of my life. Feeling the hurt and dead weight of anxiety, depression, and regret over a past long gone by going inward and pulling it all up to the surface before letting it go so that the real work can begin: stillness, self care, and healing. My hope for this collection is that it helps readers find understanding and belonging, something and someone to relate to. I hope that it inspires others to find their own path to healing.

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E-book coming soon!