A Peak Between the Lines of “Vulnerability” from Kait Quinn’s A Time for Winter

Yoga influenced a lot of the poetry in the last section of my book, A Time for Winter, including the “Vulnerable,” a poem in which I detail the struggle between wanting to unfold and fold in.

Over the past two years, yoga has taught me focus, stillness, and how powerful the breath is. In the past year, during deep waves of depression and social anxiety, yoga has helped me get out of the house as I graduated from at-home practice to public classes.

It was in public classes that I really felt the vulnerability that comes with yoga—the vulnerability of closing my eyes in front of strangers, of breathing loud ocean waves in front of strangers, of lying flat on my back and kicking my feet up to the sky in front of strangers, of rising out of forward fold and shouting “Lumos!” in front of strangers (hello, Hogwarts Yoga!).

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Kait Quinn Releases Debut Poetry Book, A Time for Winter

Available now on Amazon

My debut poetry collection, A Time for Winter, is now available on Amazon!

One of my greatest life goals has been to publish a poetry book. It wasn’t until I seriously started thinking about publishing one that I saw a theme unfold in my poetry, a story that I could envision as a full collection. It was as if I’d been writing this book for years without even realizing it. After spending a year of writing new poems and editing old ones, organizing, designing, and proofreading, I’m thrilled to finally share my book with the world and only slightly scared of how vulnerable I feel sharing my darkest, most secret thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

Published under my pen name, Kait Quinn, A Time for Winter is a journey through the hard seasons of my life. Feeling the hurt and dead weight of anxiety, depression, and regret over a past long gone by going inward and pulling it all up to the surface before letting it go so that the real work can begin: stillness, self care, and healing. My hope for this collection is that it helps readers find understanding and belonging, something and someone to relate to. I hope that it inspires others to find their own path to healing.

To purchase a copy of my book, please visit the Amazon link above. If you have read A Time for Winter, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads. While you’re on Goodreads, give my author page a follow to check out my current reads, book ratings, and “Want to Read” shelf.

E-book coming soon!