NaPoWriMo, Day 29

I’ll miss the way your eyes get stuck on me. The scent of you lingering on my pillow. Lying on your bed at 1 a.m. with the lights off while you improvise melodies on electric guitar strings. How those same fingers improvise melodies on my skin. Driving around town with the music turned up and the windows down. Your hand around the back of my neck. Our tension and intensity. The way our mouths melt together like their meeting was destiny. Those kaleidoscope eyes. The million ways you make me laugh. The way my skin reaches for yours, even when we’re miles, decades, and four new lovers apart. The chase. The chase. The constant chase.

But there’s so much more I won’t miss: The constant chase. The way you’re always one foot in, one foot out. How cocky you get when you know you’re in the wrong. The emotional abuse and manipulation that had me eating out your of your palm. Your bad jokes. Your worse lies. The 3 a.m. booty calls when you failed to find some girl at some party to cheat on me with. That years later you’ll apologize without ever fully admitting to everything you did. The way you put your bad decisions on me. The literal heartache of finding out someone you trust wears a mask. The confusion of loving someone you know you shouldn’t. The heartbreak. The heartbreak. The ever-present heartbreak.

Prompt from @amykaypoetry – What will you miss when you’re gone?

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