Exploring the Small Poem in Nayyirah Waheed’s salt.

even the small poems mean something.
they are often
whales in the bodies of tiny fish.

‒ Nayyirah Waheed, salt.


cover of salt on kindle In her first book of poetry, salt., Nayyirah Waheed addresses heavy and vulnerable topics using the increasingly popular short form poem. I’ll call hese types of poems—the “whales in the bodies of tiny fish” kind of poems—small poems.

Because they don’t leap from metaphor to metaphor in intricate, lyrical detail like a Plath poem or sprawl across pages in winding exploration of language like Whitman’s “Song of Myself,” small poems appear as small as they look upon first glance. But when written creatively, a small poem carries a weight of meaning without making the reader dig, decipher, and analyze to find it.


I love small poems. Working within their limitations challenges the poet’s ability to be profound while remaining concise, to make sure that every word counts. Waheed is a natural at writing small poems. Continue reading Exploring the Small Poem in Nayyirah Waheed’s salt.

New Season, New Missing Person Case: Up and Vanished Season 2 Trailer Drops

She’s gonna turn back up. She’s gonna come back. She just went on one of these journeys. Maybe she’s in a cult somewhere, and she’s just fallen off the face of the earth and doesn’t want anybody to find her.         

Up and Vanished, Season Two trailer


The Up And Vanished podcast released its mysterious season two trailer last week, and it’s giving me a serious case of goosebumps, ya’ll!

While the trailer doesn’t reveal which case Up and Vanished is investigating or name the mentioned missing person, here’s what we do know:

A woman is missing.
The case is unsolved.
Some guy supposedly saw her walking alone into the forest.
A man ponders if she ran off to join a cult.
The town seems wary of strangers asking questions.
And the whole thing is just “really, really strange.”


Fellow true crime fanatics probably know all about Up and Vanished, Payne Lindsey, and his grandma’s famous cowboy cookies. For those who don’t, I got you. Continue reading New Season, New Missing Person Case: Up and Vanished Season 2 Trailer Drops