About Me

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My debut poetry collection, A Time for Winter, is now available on Amazon! E-book coming soon.

Hi, I’m Kaitlin! I write and edit things.

As a content writer with a propensity for poetic language, I’ve captured the attention of target audiences by creating engaging, accessible content while maintaining brand voice and meeting marketing and SEO needs.

As an aspiring editor and professional bookworm, I want to work with writers to bring their stories and ideas to life while refining raw content into concise, captivating language that resonates with readers. I value grammar and accuracy and love to get into the gritty details of copy editing and proofreading content to ensure a writer’s message reaches its audience without distraction.

When I’m not writing and editing, I spend my free time reading, writing poems, listening to mystery and true crime podcasts, cooking plant-based foods, easing into Warrior II, having love affairs with music, and obsessing over my cat who definitely thinks I’m another cat.